About me

I am currently a research engineer at Ford Greenfield Labs, focusing on driving policy of Automated Vehicle Systems.

After Ph.D

I received a Ph.D. (advisor: Prof. Umit Ozguner) at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Ohio State University. My dissertation was focused on developing an online evolving system that enables a controller to recognize initially unexpected situations and to learn optimal actions in an iterative manner. A beta version of the evolving method called an evolving Finite State Machine (e-FSM) is developed and has been applied to solve complicate control problems for optimal automated vehicle control.

Before Ph.D.

I got a master’s degree at the Department of Computer Science (specialty: intelligent robotics), University of Southern California. During the master’s program, I researched about Optimal Rehabilitation System, Intelligent Cognitive System, and Recognfigurable Robot Controls in three different laboratories. After graduation, I joined the Advanced Technology Research Center at Samsung as a research engineer and developed perception systems for automated (ground and aerial) vehicles by using cognition, learning, and reasoning theories.